Bowl Small 12cm Beech Wood Woodeeworld


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Beech wood bowl 12cm ideal for your cooking needs.

Coulors and grains are different to each other item as this is nature of the wood.

Made in EU.


120mm x 70mm x 65mm




All items come untreated so please follow instruction below to avoid damaging the item!

 If you don’t follow this instruction we won’t be able to accept return.

 You Need

Wooden cutting board, spoons, or other utensils

Clean, soft cloth or paper towel

Mineral oil or other food-grade oil or favorite mixture



  • Start with a clean board and utensils. Make sure your cutting board and spoons are clean and thoroughly dry.
  • Apply the oil. Using a clean, soft cloth or paper towel, apply the oil in an even layer over the wood.
  • Let it soak in. Leave the oil to soak in, overnight if possible, or for few hours.
  • Remove the excess. If the board or your spoons feel oily or sticky, buff off any remaining oil with a clean dry cloth or paper towel.

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