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Wooden Spoon perfect for all your cooking needs !

Made from Apple Wood.

Made in EU.


L: 255mm

W: 50mm

Some advantages of using wooden kitchen utensils :

– They are durable. You can stir the thickest meat without breaking. No worries with cooking frozen food as well.

– It has a high heat tolerance, compared to plastic or silicone which is at high risk of melting when the temperature is too high, thus chemical won’t leach or chemically react with hot food.

– It’s comfortable to hold. Best wooden cooking utensils are designed not just for it’s functionality but comfort, too. The handles are generally rounded and feels good to hold especially in stirring for long period of time.

– Wooden kitchen utensils are not conductive, it means the wooden handle will stay cool if you leave the spoon in your cooktop while cooking compared to metal utensils which you’ll end up with a burned hand.

– Best wooden kitchen utensils are especially safe to use in non-stick cookware. Smooth wooden utensils will not harm your expensive non stick pans or pots compared to metal spoons that will leave a scratch.


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